Emilie Liu is a Brooklyn based art director, lead designer with 7+ years of experience.
She loves the process of visualizing abstract concepts. As a multi-disciplinary art director, she always seeks the best visual resolution that speaks the most to the target audience and for the client.

When not working, you can find her get her hands very dirty on drawing, hand lettering, and furniture making.

Place she works/worked with:

Buck, Nick Jr, B-Reel, The Mill, Psyop, Imaginary Forces, Blacklist, Mass Market, Brand New School, Ghost Robot, Hero Edit, Suspect, Mixtape Studio, Tylor James, Varient, Sibling Rivalry, Saatchi & Saatchi, MTV, Second Heart Studio...

For the following Clients:
Nick Jr., Facebook, Macy's, Ford, Google, Bank of America, American Express, Warby Parker, Jose Cuervo, Nat Geo, Fanta, CNN Money, Comcast, Subway, Olay, Ebay, Honda, Marc Jacobs, Giphy, Gap, Ford, Dove, Miu Miu, Gap.... 


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