Facebook Cultural Moments

Created a modern and contemporary art direction to help Facebook users celebrate cultural evens and holidays around the world. The team I led produced over 100 artworks and in 60+ target country markets.

Role: Art Director



Produced by Facebook
The team: Rebekka Dunlap, Jesse Harp, Anne Calandare, Dadu Shin, Djeison Canuto, Daniel Zender, Kevin Stanton, Taili Wu, Chi Birmingham, Cristian Gallo, Matt Craig, Quntin Bellow, Maelle Doliveux, David Saracino



National and Public Holidays


Global Celebration


Regional Celebtration


Historical + Religious Events


Previous Art Direction

The Problem: The goal for Cultural Moments is an opportunity for Facebook to showcase their brand voice and visual identity as well as demonstrate a POV on culture. The pastel color palette caused an issue that the artwork was blended with the UI, the "papercraft" render was not quite right yet and still has a digital look; the component in each artwork was relatively small when viewing the artwork on the mobile device, users would easily discard the artwork. Overall, this art direction wasn't celebratory enough and was lacking a human touch to connect the users.


Problem Solving

I created an art direction that visualizes human, delightful, thoughtful, intelligent brand tone into impactful, effortless, handcrafted, contemporary and flexible artwork.By using iconic graphic design, bolder and refined color palette, and simplified geometrical shapes, the new art direction I created achieved a contemporary look with real papercraft render. 

A glimpse of the style guide showing how the usage of contemporary composition, negative space, color, geometrical shapes, 2D and 3D paper construction render shape the artworks differently.